The Heterogenous Role of Party Affiliation and Gender in the Runner-Up Effect, with Umair Khalil (Deakin University) and Mandar Oak (University of Adelaide), The Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2024

Ethnic Inequality and Public Health, with Abbas Hakeem (University of Adelaide), Health Economics, 2023.  [Media: CHE Research Bites]

Structural transformation away from agriculture in growing open economies, with Kym Anderson (University of Adelaide),  Agricultural Economics, 2022. 

Rainfall Shocks, Child Mortality, and Water Infrastructure, Health Economics, 2022.

Natural Disasters and Missing Children, Health Economics, 2021.

Export Specialization, Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth - A Synthetic Control Analysis, Empirical Economics, 2021.  

Political Favouritism by Powerful Politicians: Evidence from Chief Ministers in India, with Umair Khalil (Deakin University) and Mandar Oak (University of Adelaide), European Journal of Political Economy, 2020. 

Structural transformation to manufacturing and services: What role for trade ?, with Kym Anderson (University of Adelaide), Asian Development Review, 2019. 

Working Papers

Procedural Barriers to Political Candidacy: Gender, Discouragement and Candidate Persistence , with Umair Khalil (Deakin University) and Marco Faravelli (University of Queensland) [Media: Times of India , Monash Impact , Ticker News], Under Revise and Resubmit (Second Round) at The Economic Journal.

Income Shocks and Human Capital Development,  Under Revise and Resubmit at The American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Terrorism and Human Capital Accumulation, with Umair Khalil (Deakin University) and Sonja de New (Monash University), Reject and Resubmit.

Violence and Local Economic Development, with Marco Faravelli (University of Queensland).

Technology and Health, with Anh Trinh (Monash University). 

Tertiary Education during Covid and the Role of Internet Access: Evidence from India and Vietnam, with Anh Trinh (Monash University). 

Financial Impacts of Natural Disasters: Evidence from Australia, with David Johnston (Monash University)

In-Utero Temperature Shocks and Intermediate Learning Outcomes,  with Umair Khalil (Deakin University) and Sonja de New (Monash University).

Climate Shocks, Crop Cycles, and Violent Discipline, with Umair Khalil (Deakin University), Sulagna Mookerjee (Binghamton University), and Arijit Ray (Cleveland State University).

Community Resilience and Disaster Preparedness, with David Johnston (Monash University), Jane Fisher (Monash University) and Rebecca Wickes (Monash University)

Natural Disasters and Resilience, with David Johnston (Monash University) and Rachel Knott (Monash University)

Disaster Experience and Preparedness, with David Johnston (Monash University)

Work in Progress

Childhood Determinants of Adulthood Resilience, David Johnston (Monash University) and Olena Stavrunova (University of Technology Sydney)

Climate Change and Auction Sales, with David Johnston (Monash University) and Rachel Knott (Monash University).

Corruption, with Mandar Oak (University of Adelaide).

Internet and Student Learning during Covid, with Anh Trinh (Monash University).