Sundar Ponnusamy

Hello, welcome to my website. I am a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Economics, Monash University.  Previously, I was a Lecturer at the University of Adelaide College. I received a  Masters in Finance and Economics and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Adelaide in December 2021.  

My research has so far focused on the effects of natural disasters, conflict, and inequality on various outcomes related to health and development. I also have a keen interest in the domain of Political Economy. Specifically, I have explored issues such as redistributive politics, the persisting phenomenon of female under-representation in Indian state legislatures, and the strategic voting behaviors exhibited by agents in the context of Indian elections.

In some of my recent works, I explore the factors that contribute to the resilience of individuals and communities to disasters in Australia. Additionally, I examine the disparities in the impacts of disasters, focusing on  socio-demographic characteristics of both individuals and communities. 

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